Borrowing an apartment in Tokyo

Are there a cost which occurs to the 3 and deposit fee besides the rent?
There are many costs which occur to the time of a bond besides the rent for the deposit, a reward, broker's commission, the previous rent, a nonlife insurance premium and Japanese renting.
The deposit will be the money left with a landlord temporarily as security.
There is generally the for 1 month of rent~~a lot of instances which will be paid for 2 months.
When retiring, this is returned, but it's hit against a cleaning charge for a scar of the room and nicotine of a cigarette.
There is a case to which I hardly return, so it may be better not to expect return so much.

Japan where I'll pay a landlord as a token of thanks with the fee, a personal custom.
There are also a lot of cases which will be paid for 1 month of a rent~~2 months like the deposit here.
But, it'll be the fee to the landlord thoroughly, so it's different from the deposit, and there is no return when retiring.
I think it's so difficult for this culture to be understood by a foreigner.
There isn't also little renting as the fee of 0 yen recently, to defend neighbor trouble and a complaint?
I'm a landlord, so it's better to worry about the place the fee generates and do renting election, isn't it?

Broker's commission will be the handling charge which will be paid to the real estate company which mediates between contract business.
The upper limit of the broker's commission is set for 1 month of a rent by law.
A medium also has the halfmoon part of the rent and a case as no charge.

The first rent when covenanting with the previous rent, which will be paid.
It's daily and a rent for 1 month is broken, and it's the price which added up one for the number of days from a contract day to the next rent payday.
Often to pay, it's different in the price depending on time of the contract.

A nonlife insurance premium will be the insurance which prepares for the time of an accident of a fire and joins.
There are a lot of cases as 10,000 yen a year~~20,000 yen, but joining is required by a property.

The person in charge who can speak about a foreign language is also increasing recently real estate company at the end.
I'm not that good at Japanese. Without the person's who can speak only English feeling worried, too, please inquire about it once.