Specifications of the stable Canter

We are it in a Canter as a favorite truck.
Because I use it by work, I do not need the too gorgeous equipment, but make much of the easy minimum comfortable equipment and driving.
When I looked for a car from such a point of view, after all the evaluation of the Canter is considerably high in our company.
At first I maintain it last time and noticed, but an engine lightens very much.
It is fuel-efficient and can hold down running cost thanks to this grace.
Furthermore, with clean exhaust, it is the top-class for a class.
It is easy to operate the clutch, too, and there is considerably little fatigue by the long-time driving.
A secret seems to be on the clutch somehow or other and seems to adopt the in history truck first dual clutch system.
There is little at all fatigue of the foot, and a Canter can operate a sensitive clutch because a dual clutch system to look at is adopted on a truck by general privately-owned car when I get on.
It is superior with a sex No-mask in various ways in this way, but it is that the characteristic of the engine is flat torque that like in particular.
Because after all this leads to comfortable acceleration from any speed level, is comfortable; can run it.